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When you participate in physical activity it brings on the Curative Power of Exercise.

  • Can help control stress levels
  • Help you control your weight better.
  • Lowers your risk of heart diseases.
  • Help your body manage blood sugar and insulin levels.
  • Help you quit smoking.
  • Improve your mental health and mood leading to increased happiness
  • Increase your self esteem and confidence
  • Helps keep your thinking, learning, and judgment skills sharp as you age.
  • Gives you more energy
  • Sleep much better
  • And so much more



No matter what your goal is, eating for health is all about, balance, variety, planning and a realistic approach that works for you.

Your Personal Pathway will give you a selection of menus that you can choose from, together with regular updated recipes, articles and cookery tips and demonstrations, to help you develop long-term eating habits that suit you, your body shape and your lifestyle.

We will give you 6he tools, the knowledge and the motivation and we just ask you to make the commitment.

Mind Matters & Mental wellbeing

Your Mind Matters pathway will help you to recognise and manage stress, teach you resilience and the beauty of living in the moment, and help you develop a positive mindset to make this a long-term more fulfilling journey to total wellbeing. No matter how little time you have

Wellbeing is?

Wellbeing is about having a balance in the various areas of our lives so that we feel good about ourselves and how we are doing. It can be physical, mental, social, personal and means something different to each of us. Find some inspiration from some of our members and their thoughts on what wellbeing means to them


If you want to start each and every day in the right frame of mind or if you have a day when you can’t find the energy to get up and do something physical, then don’t.Take a break, sit down and put your feet up.

Let me reassure you that we have all had similar days with that feeling of no drive to get up and go. Each one of us will have days when we just don’t get it, our biorhythms so low that we question our goals and even the reason why we ever bothered butremember “if you ever feel like giving up always remember why you started”.

So these life lessons, which last no more than 1 minute each, have content aimed at lifting your spirits and are meant to be thought provoking, motivational and revitalising. I invite you to please sit, watch, listen, enjoy, and then let these ‘Life Lessons’ become your Motivational Triggers.

Techniques & Tips

The body is built to move. Muscles help the heart beat, the chest rise and fall during breathing, and blood vessels regulate the pressure and flow of blood. When we smile and talk, muscles help us communicate, and when we exercise, they help us stay physically fit and healthy.

Learn a little more about the movements and exercises, how to do them safely and what they do.for your body.


At Centre Stage Older we don’t agree that oder people should not exercise because it will hurt, or might be dangerous or it uses up whatever strength and vitality is left Centre Stage is about helping you not just to live long but to live well. Its about not accepting the changes that are just due to bad maintenance as you get older.

We will guide you on how to incorporate the right type of regular activity to boost strength, heart health and flexibility to improve mood, memory and wellbeing. All of this will reduce other health risks, together with good nutrition to boost your body’s repair and maintenance.

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Our workouts are all about variety and providing activity for all levels of fitness, no matter what your starting point. These will include whole body workouts, Pilates, yoga, general fitness, warm-up & stretch, strength and toning, chair workouts, weights and props at home. Have a look at some short samples of the activities available to members.

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The Sensible Eating Club will help you find a pathway and food choices that suit you and your body type. To help you make a start, check out some everyday meal tips and read up about balancing your diet for better health.


Your Mind Matters pathway will help you to recognise and manage stress, teach you resilience and the beauty of living in the moment, and help you develop a positive mindset to make this a long-term more fulfilling journey to total wellbeing.


Simple words to pick up your day and motivate you on your wellbeing pathway.

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The body is built to move. Muscles help the heartbeat, the chest rise, and fall during breathing, and blood vessels regulate the pressure and flow of blood. When we smile and talk, muscles help us communicate, and when we exercise, they help us stay physically fit and healthy. Learn a little more about the movements and exercises, how to do them safely and what they do.for your body.

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Meet some real people who have overcome all the odds in our Inspirational interviews.


Our activities can be adapted to suits all levels and abilities. Check the some sample chair workouts here.

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If you have a recognised health condition or even if you are worried about a particular health issue, the Motivation Club can still be the place for you to embark on your wellbeing journey.

SHARE stands for:

  • Supporting
  • Helping
  • Advising
  • Reassuring
  • Energising

All the evidence shows us that right type of exercise is beneficial for everybody, how important eating well is for all your body’s systems to work at their best and how both of these will impact how you feel every day.

We have created partnerships with a range or organisations to support you along your pathway and to make sure you are getting the best advice along the way.

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You and your family are truly amazing, inspirational people!! I exercise with you every day and I can honestly say I have never smiled so much when exercising!! Keep up the fab work!!

Red Woodstock

Congratulations on your MBE well deserved I have exercised with you every morning since we were locked down in March certainly kept me going.

Julia Williams

Another great workout thank you Mr M. I do two most days and feel great they always leave me smiling even though many leave me puffing and panting too!

Lyn Ridley

Love that you’re doing this in your kitchen. I’m in my workspace at home using remote control hand held for weights.

Debbie Twinn

Thanks to you both and your inspiration I have lost 16kg.

Madelene Lord

You guys keep me going in these difficult times. And in return I / we can help others keep going by helping with a bed. A chain reaction.

Helen Petley

If you haven’t done this class before it is fantastic! Mr motivator and his wife are both full of energy, they show you lower ability options if needed and you definately finish knowing you have had a great workout
physically and mentally.

Becky Lloyd

I went straight onto tikiboo after our zoom class Wednesday and my gym top has arrived just in time for tomorrow morning! Mark said they didn’t have any mens ones.

Claire Blanchard

Congratulations Mr Motivator I had a stroke and you have kept me going through the covid everyday for 1hour you are a STAR well done Mr MBE. Thank you so much

James Olympic Torchbearer

Hello just to say I love your classes especially M.S stretches and great to see your wife taking part in some of your classes too

Frances Watts

I can highly recommend the ZOOM class, I love it. Its suitable for everyone, I’m in my 60s. I’m certainly fitter than I have been for a long time. I’ve always been very active, but I’ve noticed more recently my
joints had started playing up. Doing regular exercise has really helped. Thank you so much Mr M and Miss P

Janice Knight

Mr motivator u are an inspiration to many people you inspired lots of people to get fit and go for their goals.and you seem fitter than people half your age

Shaun J. Cooper

Oh gosh no, your partner is a great help to me as I cannot jump around too much and she spurs me on. Thank you for being there.

Catherine Liddle-Wescott

Thank you for the daily workouts. They’re really making a difference to this old granny.

Krystina Spicer

Mr M you’re a gem. Your input made easing into lockdown so much easier. Your joyful lead into exercise is always encouraging. I’ve been following you since your time on GMTV

Maggy Taylor

Inspirational and great fun, been doing your workouts with my other half since lockdown started and we’re now hooked. Thank you

Steve Hobson

Yeah just done yesterdays workout, great and got te old brain cells working too with changes of actions! And just the thing for a mature student. Thanks Mr M, look forward to more action, Yeah and Yeah again!!

Malcolm Wheeler

Thanks Mr Motivator, I’ve really enjoyed your return. I keep expecting Power Rangers to come on afterwards but it’s always some programme about crap houses. All the best. Say yeah!

Jay Allard

Loved your daily workouts, you make exercise fun even when we can’t go out at the moment. Remember you from way back, bought a DVD of yours recently and love it. Thank you both.

Fiona McLaughlan

Mr Motivator I’ve loved your daily workouts. You make exercising such fun even for an old lady like me. Thank you. #sayyeah

Margaret Price

Aww it’s been great seeing you again every day on health check UK. My wee mums always loved you, re ordered her an old copy of your dvd which she is super excited about. Stay well and hope it’s not too long before
your back on TV. xx

Lynn Wilson

Mr. Motivator you’re a star! Have really enjoyed all your workouts and definitely feeling fitter! Please can we have some more, and love to your lovely wife who is also fab on the lunchtimes sessions We love you!

Jayne Bond

I have so enjoyed seeing you and my 87 year old mum has been doing these exercises with me remotely x I hope you come back again on our TV soon.

Jeanette Garner

Only found you yesterday while flicking through TV channels just in time for your workout. It was great. Did today’s as well.

Janine Smith

I do about three of your workouts every day. I love your positivity. I have tried other peoples workouts but haven’t stuck to them. Thanks for keeping us all going and big love to mummy motivator. Shes great!

Sarah McCormack

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Select Profile ICONS to find Out More

Caroline College
Christina Fulcher
DR. Kathy Fulcher
Gill Bidwell
Jemma Knight
Kate Holland
Lish Crutchley
Lou Hale
Rachael Wooldridge
Sean Burgess
Therese Meaney
Zena Weeks
Zoë Aston
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Mr M Introduces The Team

Collectively they have many, many years of experience in their respective areas, so they can offer you a fun, diverse and effective experience in every area – fitness, mindfulness wellbeing, nutrition.

We have carefully selected our team to make sure your Motivation Club experience has the variety you need to keep you going.

Caroline College

I trained as a Yoga teacher with the Life Centre in 2004. I teach Hatha yoga – in other words my classes comprise breathing exercises, yoga postures sequenced in a way that’s safe for individuals and relaxation/meditation.
Becoming a yoga teacher allowed me to be one of the lucky people who gets to have a job that’s also their passion. I’ve seen the benefits of yoga for myself but also others, so what could be a better way to spend
my day?

Christina Fulcher

I started doing Pilates nearly 20 years ago when I was training to dance in NYC. Through dancing (and I used to skydive), I was putting my body through a lot and pilates opened my mind to the strength and support I could feel when working from a point of control, breath, focus and connection.

I’ve been teaching for 17 years now and have added to my qualifications with pre/postnatal pilates, pelvic floor health and disfunction, Pilates through menopause and I’m also a breast cancer exercise specialist.

I have a lovely studio in Norwich and I’m a sole parent to a gorgeous little boy.

DR. Kathy Fulcher

I have over 30 years of experience and qualifications in Nutritional Medicine & Weight Management, Sports Physiology & Nutrition, Clinical Exercise Therapy & Rehabilitation, Behaviour Change, Education and Corporate
Health. I have published widely, including 2 books, on a range of exercise, nutrition and health related topics based on my clinical and health-related research, and presented at several international conferences.
I am totally committed to “walking the walk” and will always try out every recipe or exercise i recommend…….

Gill Bidwell

As a Chartered and Health Care Professions Council registered Physiotherapist, my primary client base have musculoskeletal conditions including sports injuries.

I also work in GP surgeries as a First Contact Physiotherapist. and am accredited by the Acupuncture Association of Physiotherapists.

As a Fitness Professional, I have been working within fitness for over thirty-five years as an Advanced level Instructor, Instructor Trainer and Presenter, both nationally and internationally My own sports involvement has been as an International Sports Aerobics and I was a professional windsurfer many years ago.

Jemma Knight

I am a fitness instructor and Mum of two and teach a variety of classes from Zumba, Legs, bums and tums, HIIT, rebounding and low resistance classes. I absolutely love what I do and honestly do not feel like I work
a day in my life. My previous jobs as a Red Coat at Butlins, singer and dancer touring hotels in Ibiza and as a qualified primary school teacher has set me in good stead to be a fitness instructor. I feel that being
a fitness instructor has enabled me to pull of the best parts of my previous jobs and put them in to one job, from helping, supporting and educating others to dancing and performing and challenging myself.

Kate Holland

I have worked in the fitness industry for over 13 years. I am a qualified aerobics, gym, circuits, HIIT and children’s fitness instructor.  I am a personal trainer, a GP exercise referral instructor and pre/post-natal fitness instructor.  I also teach ballroom, cheer and dance fitness which is great fun.  I have recently qualified to teach and assess the next generation of fitness instructors as I am always trying to develop myself as well as others.  I have trained a wide range of people from age 4 – 94 and I love every minute.  I strongly believe exercise is the key to a happy, healthy life and most importantly it should be enjoyable.

Lish Crutchley

Having done my first qualification in fitness in 2010, I continued my fitness journey as a personal trainer, a Clubbercise presenter and brand master trainer, teaching a range of fitness classes.

I also found a way of bringing fitness and charity together by organising fitness parties, which grew into something special and became a big part of my journey.

I can honestly say fitness changed my life, gave me the confidence to do so many things and become the best version of myself. I believe in the power of fitness and I am on a mission to spread this message

Lou Hale

Having always loved health, fitness and exercise, I trained initially as a beauty and massage therapist in 1987 before taking my Exercise to Music qualifications in 2000. Since then I have undertaken numerous other courses including indoor cycling, step, stability ball, BodyPump, aqua and exercise for seniors.

I enjoy teaching a wide variety of classes and have more recently discovered the benefits of seated exercise – one of my proudest moments as an instructor came recently when one of my ‘golden girls’ – an 89yr old participant was able to get rid of her walking stick as her strength and balance had improved so much! My other proud moment was being asked to take part in one of Mr Motivator’s videos.

Rachael Wooldridge

I turned to a career in fitness after retirement from training and performing as a dancer some 25 years ago. I progressed my education in fitness, nutrition and Callanetics with the Institute of Personal training and
the Health Sciences Academy I love eating and working out… for a healthy body & mind! Turning 50, adapting workouts and nutrition for a mature body, taking care of joints and hormones!

Sean Burgess

Building on my master’s degree in strength and conditioning, previous work within elite sport, and extensive professional development portfolio within the fitness industry; dating back to when I first qualified in 2006. I diversely combine being a personal trainer with regularly delivering exercise classes, injury rehabilitation treatments and university lectures!

One Interesting Fact: If I didn’t become a fitness coach, I would have pursued a career as either an actor or writer.

Therese Meaney

I began my Pilates journey about 25 years ago as a natural progression from my work as a body therapist and fitness instructor, with comprehensive training in all Pilates equipment as well as specialised areas. I have
just recently completed training courses in Kinesiology, movement therapy and I am delving deeper into the world of Fascia and ‘Anatomy Trains in Motion’ . Outside of Pilates I am also a Yin Yoga Instructor and
a Nutritional Health Coach. When I am not on my mat you will probably find me up the side of the mountain! 🙂

Zena Weeks

My interest in cooking began in my early teens. My mum was my inspiration, with her Mauritian background. My interest continued to grow and I learned about other cultures and experimenting with fusion cuisine.

I later trained and qualified as a chef and I’ve since used my knowledge and experience to teach and educate people of all ages to cook quick, simple and delicious meals.

Having been a competitive athlete I understand the importance of health & wellbeing. I’ve also been fortunate to work with England and UK Athletics managing Conferences & International Team duties at many major events including Olympic and Commonwealth Games.

Zoë Aston

I am a registered and accredited member of the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy), and my focus is to help make looking after your mental health accessible and acceptable to all. I offer a
range of emotional and psychological services dealing with addiction, eating disorders, trauma, anxiety and relationship issues, through a dynamic, person-centered approach.

I released a Covid-19 specific mental health first aid kit in 2020, and my first book “Your Mental Health Workout “ in 2021.